10 Best MCAT Books TBR Kaplan EK

10 Best MCAT Books

Looking to take the MCAT test and wondering what books can help you fully prepare to ace the test? We provide you with details about the top ten best MCAT prep books.

1. Berkley Review MCAT Complete Book Review: The Berkley Review MCAT prep book is one of the best out there. The third edition is currently available for test takers who intend to ace the test. It is visually appealing and offers a great learning experience for students who love colors and design. TBR offers so many practice questions in its MCAT book compilation to help test takers identify their strengths and where they need to put in more work.

2. Princeton Review MCAT subject Review: Following Kaplan in the ranking of MCAT prep books is the Princeton Review MCAT subject. The 2nd edition is currently available in the market. It covers the new sections of the MCAT test explicitly which are psychology, sociology, and biochemistry. It also consists of seven subject review books. The book has more than 2000 practice questions and online test resources. It is easy to understand its content as it is properly broken down.

3. Exam crackers MCAT complete study package: This book provides precise information that is relevant to the MCAT. It’s recently revised edition has corrected all the errors in the earlier editions. It also has great diagrams and is beat for readers who need concise information.

4. The Berkeley Review MCAT Complete 10 Books: These books are not so easy to come by. On Amazon, they sell out really fast. If you’re not one for graphics, this book will do for you. Their content is mostly in black and white. These subject books contain so many questions making a good practice companion. OUR FAVORITE!

5. The Gold Standard MCAT Complete Hone study MCAT course: These practice material is very comprehensive and will help you towards preparing for the MCAT. It contains over 4000 practice questions, 5 full-length practice tests, 8 books including 5 e-books and full-length tests for its CARS program. There is also an additional DVD on how to ace a medical school interview.

6. Sterling Test Prep MCAT Psychology and Sociology: This book helps in practical explanations of sociological theories. The topics are carefully chosen to prepare readers for the psychology and sociology sections of the MCAT. Its content is also authentic and follows AAMC guidelines.

7. Sterling Prep Test MCAT practice Test, Chemical, and Physical Biology: This book offers the same features as its previous counterpart, except that it is focused on chemical and physical biology. It will help you strategically answer the biochemistry section of the MCAT.

8. MedQuest MCAT FastPass Study Guide: Elizabeth Malphrus and Conrad Fischer aw the authors of this book. The book is relatively cheap as compared to other MCAT practice books. It helps with understanding general knowledge of the MCAT. It is simple and easy to grasp.

9. Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Vol.2: This is undeniably one of the best test prep materials for CARS. The passages are from past MCAT actual tests. The questions also are past questions of the MCAT.

10. The MCAT Physics Book: This 14 chaptered book is properly organized to break down teaching techniques and offer shortcuts. This book will help broaden your knowledge about physics and make you excited to learn as it contains a little bit of humor.

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