5 Best MCAT Courses

5 Best MCAT Courses

Finding a prep course that is best for your MCAT preparations can be a little bit daunting. With so many courses out there, promising to give you the best offers , one needs to ensure that they put their money where it will really be worth it. In light of this, a list has been made about the best MCAT courses available. You can check out the reviews and make a choice.

1. Axilogy MCAT prep course: Currently ranked a top up-and-coming private tutoring course; Axilogy plants students with daily support at prices ranging from $100 to $500. They have shown the highest scoring percentiles since 2015 but do not offer a selection of exams or books due to their low cost.

2.       Next Step MCAT prep course: Currently ranked as the best prep course available, Next step offers great prep course to help you effectively prepare for the MCAT. They offer online tutorial courses, live online class courses and on-demand courses. People usually prefer to subscribe for their live online courses. Students usually have 10+ hours weekly of live classes and 100 hours of video quizzes for a period of six months. The tutors are well trained and everyone of them have been in the 98th percentile of the MCAT test. During the live office hours, students can work in to ask questions which is really great 

3. Altius MCAT prep course: This is another very highly rated MCAT prep course. Their tutoring style offers are also similar to that f next step. They are in 3 categories; direct tutorial, live online courses and live in-person courses. The live online courses are their most popular option is the most expensive too. One unique thing about them is that they actually publish the MCAT scores of their students. A lot of their students have scores between the 90th and 99th percentile.  Their teaching strategy challenges the student to master the concepts and think critically rather than memorizing and doing guess works. Their total course hours are 105hours.AAMC practice questions are available for students to prepare adequately.

4. Kaplan Test Prep Class: The tutoring offers by Kaplan are very extensive. You can opt for their direct tutorials, live online classes, live in-person online classes and an on-demand course. Unlike other course preps, they offer physical classes fo intending test takers. Using the Kaplan prep course, you are entitled to 14 AAMC practice tests. You also get their subject review books for personal learning and practice. There are 36 hours of classes. Kaplan is affordable and not as expensive as Next prep and Altius MCAT courses.

5. Princeton Review MCAT Prep Course: The only prep course offered by the Princeton Review is an on-demand course. They are specialized in focusing on key areas that are very helpful on the MCAT test. You get about 30 hours of video tutorials and a lot of practice questions. If you are not one to work with tutors but prefer to learn on your own, this course is definitely best for you.


Apparently, when choosing the right prep course for the MCAT you have to consider how much you’re willing to spend, quality of course you desire and method of learning that is convenient for you. There is an MCAT course for everyone.

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