Choosing an MCAT Test date


You have probably decided to sit for the MCAT and the next step is to pick a Suitable date. In 2018, there are about 30 different available test dates for intending test takers. The dates are spread across January to December and it can be tempting to just randomly pick one. While this is okay, it is best to actually strategically choose a test date for your MCAT. So to do this, you need to consider a lot of other factors apart from the fact that you just want to sit for the exam. 

How Much Time You Need To Prepare: So if you have been preparing for the test before now, you probably have the luxury of picking a date you think you would be ready enough. However, if you haven’t, it is wise to take out time to decide how long you probably need to study for the upcoming test before scheduling an exam date. This depends entirely on you, and how quickly you think you can grasp the concepts that are involved in the MCAT.

What time do you need to submit your scores: So if you are working with the deadline of a particular school, this might become a little tricky. You will need to strategically pick a date that will give enough time to receive your scores and for it to get to the department in the school you are seeking an admission. Usually, admission cycle opens in June, it is wise to let enough time for submission of your scores. Although, spring months of March, April and May are the most popular times when MCAT test takers sit for the test. The reason is obvious, the deadline is approaching and they need to get their scores sent. However, it is advisable to study for the test at least 3 months before you take it.

Location of Testing Centers: If you have a preferred test center or location, probably somewhere close to you, it is important to make up your mind in time to be able to get a slot for that center.


Taking the MCAT test during the Summer


These months are available for students who have some coursework to do and so need to use their summer period for studying. If you intend to take the test during summer, it is advisable to start preparing around the spring period. The great thing about testing during the summer is that it gives you enough time to prepare for the MCAT without having to worry about class works and assignments.





Registering for the MCAT 


Before you make an attempt to register, it is important to scan through the available test dates and put all the other factors into consideration. You also need to be sure about the date you want in order to pick it on time, as testing dates can get filled up quickly. Sometimes in less than 24 hours a date can become unavailable due to the number of people seeking to sit for the test. Check your schedule for the year before picking a date to ensure it does not clash with certain important academic dates or interfere with your coursework.


Whether you pick a date early enough or not, you can still decide to prepare well enough for the test by getting relevant materials that will help you grasp faster. Be sure to practice enough questions and confirm your answers to make you ready for that test day.

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