Finding an MCAT Tutor


If you’re planning to take the MCAT soon, you’re most likely looking for better ways to prepare for the test. In your search, you might have decided at one point to get a tutor to help with easy learning and solving practice questions. One challenge that you are probably facing is how to find the best MCAT that is also close to you. However, you need to be very sure that you will do well with tutoring. This is the first step before actually deciding to take one.  Ask yourself some questions to get to know if you really need a tutor. Can you study by yourself? If not, it is best to seek a tutor’s help. If you also like to study by yourself or enjoy tutorials but not in large groups, you can consider getting a private tutor. After you must have established that it is what you want, the next step will be finding the right MCAT tutor.


How you can find an MCAT tutor 


Okay, so you’re certain you need tutorials and special help to ace the MCAT exam, but you do not know how to go about this or what exactly you should be looking out for in a tutor. If you search on google, thousands of MCAT tutors will be presented to you. Picking one at random is definitely not the best way to go about your selection process, therefore try to use the following methods;

Visit a Reputable Preparation Company: Most good preparation companies have lots of tutors who have been coaching students for so long. A high percentage of these tutors have sat for the MCAT themselves and have been in the 90th percentile, Sometimes even in the 98thpercentile. B visiting one of these test prep centers, you are one step away from finding the right tutor for you. The probability that you will find one that matches your specifications or has a great track record is very high.

Ask around: You can also try to ask people who have at one point or another sat for the test and have been successful. There’s a great chance your friend or a family member knows an MCAT tutor that is reputable. You never know until you actually ask. Reviews are great, in that they give you confidence about a person’s service and character so that you can rest assured that you are hiring one of best hands in the field.


If you have managed to locate a tutor that you think can help you with practicing for the MCAT test, you will still need to do a background check on him/her. Ask yourself the following questions;

Has the Tutor taken the MCAT test before? Not all tutors have taken the MCAT before. While this doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be good at tutoring for the test, knowing that they have been successful will give you some more confidence in them.

What is the tutor’s level of expertise: How long has the tutor been coaching students for the MCAT for? Experience and positive results are a great indicator that you are making the right choice.

Price: Well, at some point you have to consider how much you can afford and what the tutor’s asking price is. If it is way out of your budget, you might need to find another that best suits your pocket’s strength. There’s no need splurging so much money on a tutor if you can barely afford it.


At the end of the day, even if you eventually get a good tutor, passing the test depends on how much effort you are willing to put in. If you’re are determined to do your beat, chances are you will get a great MCAT score.

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