Like preparations, processing as well as expectations of students willing to write exams, depending on courage, personality and mind, students usually have strong feelings concerning tougher and demanding tests like the MCAT. As a result, students are advised to do somethings and avoid others on such unusual days. This is because examinees can act consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously due to weird and strong unusual feelings they experience or sense on such test days, and out of curiosity and sometimes mentality.

1. Stay Focus and Strong: Test days are not reading days, and so students are not advised to read on test days. This is because this will not do or bring any good to the student at the time for such has passed. Reading contents on test days will only add to the burden, and this is because test questions are often and usually reasoning questions and strategic. It is actually difficult to capture such things in a matter of few hours, hence, reading content can only make the student lose focus or even panic.

2. It will be a good idea for students to prepare and go to the test location or venue very early. It is preferable to arrive at the venue early so as to beat such stresses of overcrowding, following the queues, and finding the exact test classrooms or halls. Reaching the venue early will also enable the students to make necessary adjustments and arrangements before sitting for the test as well as getting acquainted with the surrounding. Thus, students can ease himself/herself before the test begins or even take some sips of water to relieve off inner stress 

3. As a test that requires reasoning and analytical reasoning, students must be very careful concerning the conditions they are and the conditions they will find themselves in the test hall. As such, it is important to keep it moderate with regards to anything that might affect their brain function during the exam either socially or psychologically. Hence, students taking such exams should try to maintain a balanced condition for themselves concerning what they wear when going for such test. Wearing clothes that are too comforting isn't good, likewise wearing clothes that disturb the body. Being extreme on such days is actually a bad idea.

4. Exam pressure and fever can have a negative influence on most students, and so many are trapped in this trick. Thinking too much about the test can make students skip their meal which is not a good thing to do on a test day. It is advisable and important to eat before sitting for an exam as skipping a meal will only retard mental clarity, reduce productivity as well as reasoning skill among other impacts. It is also not good to eat any kind of food. Eating good and scientifically proven food before writing a test actually has a correlation with test score and being successful. 

5.It is very important not to do what you are not used to doing on test days in an attempt to keep your mind away from negativity with regards to the exam you are about to take, or an effort to curb or relieve stress. Any attempt to engage in or practice what you are not used to will result in new changes in your system which might manifest or have an impact at the time you are writing the test. And this will hinder your ability to write what is needed.

 In essence, what is needed of a student on the test day is his/her ability to maintain balance and keep focused on what is before him or her, as any attempt to change things may end up producing negative results.

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