How to Read Faster for the MCAT

The Way to Read the MCATKeep your momentum up. Do not linger on or accept each word.
When you hit a significant point in the passing, make an image in head that catches the writer's meaning.
Do not get bogged down in descriptions. Practice using the hints given in the writer's wording to differentiate the significant statements from the (possibly irrelevant) details.
Concentrate on ideas that are large and skim the particulars.
Settle back and relax!
As you browse imagine.
Push on your eyes forward.
Hit the ideal speed .
Remember: that is an open book evaluation. You'll go back to this passage for the details you will need for the queries.
Learn ANDthe very first moment. These reading approaches to some reading passing you encounter the evaluation from Physics.
About the MCAT , timing is all. Approximately 75 percent of these inquiries in the MCAT science departments are passage-based (along with 100 percent of queries in the CARS segment).
Should you read too quickly, you won't get anything from this passing, and will wind up rereading the whole passage as you answer the queries. If you move too slowly, however you may eliminate attention or overthink what it is you're reading.

Do not attempt to memorize.
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Instead of "sounding out" every word in your mind as though you were reading out loud, then consider watching the words in groups of three or two to get a feeling of what's being said. Whenever you're answering the questions, nevertheless, always read word-for-word.

Reading of phrases in chunks.
In case you've got up your nose against the display, it's more difficult to consider the "big picture" You'll get stiff and tired, and it'll be more difficult to stay focused.

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