List of MCAT Practice Exams


What practice tests are available?
Altius (1/2 length)
GoldStandard (1/3 span)
Kaplan (1/2 length)
MCAT Cracker (29 questions)
NextStep (1/2 span)
The Princeton Review (FL)
For a Cost:
Altius Test Prep: 10 in their Site
Barron's: two from their homework publication
The Berkeley Review: 3 out of their Site
ExamKrackers: 4 from their website
Gold Standard: 7 by their website (2 include purchase of the query package)
Kaplan: 1 from the Advanced 528 publication and 3 from the Complete 7-book set to get a total of 3 special tests (The FL that Includes the 528 publication also comes with the 7-book set)
MCAT Cracker: 3 from their Site
McGraw Hill: 2 out of their FL publication
NextStep: 5 by their Site
The Princeton Review: 4 from the Entire MCAT book and 3 from any of their prep books for a total of 7 special tests (there is one overlap between the Complete MCAT evaluations and their homework book tests)

What other practice passages are available?
For a cost:

AAMC Official MCAT Question Bundle Bundle
AAMC MCAT® Question Bank - released November 2015
Official Guide to the MCAT® Assessment - 120 Questions
The Berkeley Review: countless passages contained within their novels
EK 1001 Queries: Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Verbal Reasoning.
EK 30 minute examinations, included within their articles review books
Gold Standard CARS exams (5 contained in a package)
Gold Standard Question Bank
Kaplan MCAT 528: Advanced Prep for Advanced Students
Kaplan sectional tests: 3 for CARS, 3 to Biochem, and 3 to the Behavioral Sciences should you Purchase any of those respective prep books (also Includes all the 7-book collection)
McGraw Hill 500 Review Questions: Behavioral Sciences, Biochem/Orgo, Biology, CARS, Gen Chem, and Physics
MPrep QBank
NextStep Strategy and Practice: Biology and Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physics, Critical Evaluation and Reasoning Skills, and Psychology and Sociology
NextStep 108 CARS Passages
Testing Solutions: 3 CARS tests
The Princeton Review Complete MCAT
TPR's Hyperlearning Science Workbook and Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook.
AAMC MCAT2015 Mini-Test e-Book: 12 Sample Questions and Answers
Berkeley Review Sample Passages: Acid/Base Chemistry, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Gastrulation, Radioactive Decay, along with Viral Reproduction
Kaplan's 20 Minute Workout
Khan Academy: Videos and Passages (and Here's a topic questions score tracker by /u/Judson48)
MVP Series Online Practice Questions
NextStep Psych/Soc Practice Passages
Practice Verbal Reasoning Tests (5 passages each, answers are $2 per evaluation) by Charlene Bramwell, M.Ed. And Ken Evans, M.Sc., M.D.
Preparation for MCAT Verbal Reasoning Book with practice passages ($5 for answers) by Charlene Bramwell, M.Ed. And Ken Evans, M.Sc., M.D.
Question of those Days: ExamKrackers, Kaplan, MCAT Issue of the Day, M Prep MCAT2015, NextStep, along with Premed HQ
MCAT CARS Passage of the Day: Jack Westin

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