The Axilogy MCAT test prep review is an evaluation of previous MCAT prep series. It is a kind of rating that compares the merit of Axilogy MCAT test preps in relation to other test preps.

Though Axilogy MCAT prep review is a small company compared to the MCAT prep giants (i.e. Kaplan & Princeton), they offer prep courses in many places(cities). Axilogy is unique as it offers genuine courses so much so that enrolling in Axilogy MCAT test prep is almost a guaranteed satisfaction for the taker. Axilogy offer three distinct prep courses namely the Gold, Silver, and Platinum. 

The Silver package or option of the Axilogy test prep is the most affordable one-on-one mentoring course and have multiple options that include; twelve one-on-one tutoring sessions, thirty-two classroom sessions, sixteen study hall sessions and thirty-two problem-based sessions. This is not all, as the Axilogy Silver one-on-one mentoring prep course come so with a wide range of available prep books that include the Axilogy Silver prep books set, AAMC practices test as well as AAMC test prep books. One key uniqueness of the Axilogy prep courses is that Axilogy attached priority and more importance to a one-on-one method of mentoring in its courses. Tutors are usually and always available to attend to students need in Axilogy MCAT prep courses thereby displaying high professionalism in their service.

The second package on the Axilogy MCAT prep courses is the Gold package. The gold package is a package that entails all the contents of the previous silver package, but with additional ten one-on-one sessions as well as the sixteen mastery sessions.

The third package on the Axilogy MCAT prep courses is the Platinum package which is considered the best mentoring program on the MCAT prep courses mentoring and tutoring program. The platinum package truly deserves to be the most premium of all the packages as it covers all the options in the Gold package in the prep courses and an additional silver admission package, sixteen platinum-only review sessions and twenty one-on-one tutoring sessions. 

Another uniqueness of the Axilogy MCAT prep courses is that it gives the students the chance or option to fully attend their programs online in two ways(i.e. study using a computer or in real-time classrooms) at any time the students feel comfortable. This is possible because mentors/tutors of Axilogy MCAT prep courses always make themselves available to students. This is another important consideration for students willing to choose companies to take their MCAT prep courses from. Thus, the availability of tutors and mentors in the Axilogy MCAT prep courses and the professionalism they offer through supporting and. encouraging students make the awesome part for enrolling in the Axilogy MCAT prep courses. And, this makes the Axilogy MCAT prep courses program unique and easily distinguishable from other MCAT prep courses companies. 

Lastly, though the Axilogy MCAT prep courses is a smaller company compared to its counterpart giants, it's uniqueness, professionalism and distinctiveness are what makes it stand out among others. As such, Axilogy MCAT prep courses are a good suggestion for students willing to enroll in the MCAT prep courses program.

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