When should I Begin studying for the MCAT?
Ideally, 3-4 weeks prior to the exam, but your mileage might vary based on how ready you are and how much time you have to study each day. If you study longer than 3-4 months, then you put yourself at chance of burnout or forgetting the information that you studied earlier on. If you research for less than 3-4 weeks, then you run the risk of being under-prepared. But there are individuals who get high scores after analyzing for 6 months and people who score in the bottom percentile after studying for weeks, so it's up to you to determine exactly what your requirements are. Scroll down for a series of MCAT2015 study programs that might help you map your own time.

What is on the MCAT?
Check the official content listing here. It lists everything that could be tested.

Anything could show up on the MCAT, even things not on the official content list. You ought to be able to answer any query using your prior knowledge for the items that test material on the content list. For everything else, you should be able to use the passage or query material to answer the query. Note that passages can be on anything and are not limited to the content listing, but they'll always concentrate on concepts related to the testable issues or something very similar.

What research materials are available for your own MCAT2015?
It's highly advisable to experience the entire official content listing and make certain that you understand every topic so as to be completely ready. Most homework businesses inadvertently omit some material.

Physical Content Review Books

*Notice: You should operate off the official content listing when planning for the exam. Be sure to really simply use one main source as soon as you decide what's ideal for your requirements. If you are unsure, ask the consumers of r/mcat and they'll be happy to help.


The Berkeley Review (10 publications)
The Princeton Review 6-Book-Set
Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2018-2019: On line + Book
ExamKrackers 10th Edition (6 book set)
McGraw Hill 4-Book Value Pack, Cross-Platform Edition
The following Step Book Set


* MCATForMe Videos
Online Written


AAMC Official MCAT Flashcards
Anki MCAT2015 Deck created by /u/sc4s2cg (FREE) for Desktop, Apple, and Android
BrainScape MCAT General Chemistry and Physics Flashcards for Desktop and Apple
CramCards MCAT 2015 Biology and Chemistry Flashcards for Desktop, Apple, along with Android
Firecracker for Desktop, Apple, along with Android
Kaplan-Based Flashcards by /u/romans8-18
Kaplan MCAT2015 Flashcards + App - hard copy only
McGraw Hill Bench Prep for Desktop, Apple, and Android
Memorang MCAT2015 Flashcards for Desktop, Apple, and Android
The Princeton Review Flashcards
Where Would I purchase my books?

Company Websites: * TBR
* Kaplan
* Next Measure
* ExamKrackers

New Retailers: * Walmart
* Barnes and Nobles
* Amazon
* Target


Look at buying them in this order if possible as it boosts used economies, another premed, saves you $$, and also gets you the publications for more affordable!

In Individual Groups:
* Friends/Upperclassmen You know/Others you understand!
* Facebook School ForSale Groups to your university/area * Facebook Marketplace (in person)
* Craigslist (in person)
* OfferUp (in person)


Reddit /r/MCATforsale
[EBay]( - Very time-consuming procedure. Prices/conditions/buying experience is lack-luster.
Amazon Marketplace - Protected by Amazon and can often find good deals on the used marketplace. Slow shipping instances for the used marketplace occasionally. - Great purchasing platform for Canadians
SDN Classfields - Want to pay to post a buying thread or thread.
Always make sure to comparison shop and price store. We recommend purchasing things in very good condition with no writing, markings in clinic passages and questions and highlights so that you can make the most of your novels. If things are not in great shape, they should be heavily discounted - but we still don't suggest buying anything with the replies for practice questions filled out.

Can I use substances made for the old MCAT?
We highly advise that you purchase books for your new examination only, beginning from ExamKrackers 9th edition, Kaplan 2015 (first edition), The Berkeley Review 2015 copyright or later, NextStep Books, The Princeton Review 1st variant or greater.

Books for the older exam can be confusing to utilize. You can however you have to be mindful of the changes in, additions to, and removal of content as they relate to this new examination. For instance, there are a fair variety of physics topics which are no longer analyzed, and you would have to supplement your previous biology book so as to learn the extra biochemistry subjects. You would also need to get a behavioral sciences/psychology and sociology book. Besides that, you need to be sure you are getting practice with brand new exam questions/passages so that you're familiar with subjects being tested at a biological context, as is the case with MCAT2015. Here is what NextStep has to say about this.

What FREE study materials are available?
Online textbook websites: Boundless and
PHET Interactive Simulations
Premeddit Study Guides by /u/calypsocasino for Gen Chem, Physics, Ochem, and Bio
Prep101's Free Study Aides
Quick Review Guides
Topic Outlines in an ExamKrackers Tutor
Jack Westin Online Reading
VaristyTutors: diagnostic and practice examinations for content review, interactive syllabi, flashcards, and questions of the afternoon
Additionally, users have uploaded a Lot of new and old MCAT stuff here


Fundamental Concepts in Biochemistry: A Student's Survival Guide (pdf textbook)
The Biology Project
Connecting Concepts: Interactive Courses in Biology
The Medical Biochemistry Page
Khan Academy Biomolecules
NextStep: 3 Free Chapters from their Biology/Biochemistry Book
Online Biology Book
The World of Biochemistry
Videos and Animations: Bio-Alive Animations, Biochemistry Lecture Videos by Dr. Ahern, Biochemistry Video Lectures by Aaron E, Biology/Medicine Animations HD Videos, Interactive Biology Videos, Interactive Concepts in Biochemistry, mcatforme Biology Video Lectures, Moof University Biochemistry Videos, One Minute Medical School Videos, Science Audio Videos
Physics and Math:

GoldStandard Physics Equations List
Introductory Physics Course Notes from Boston U
Khan Academy Physical processes
MVP Formula Sheet for Physics, Gen Chem, and OChem
NextStep Light Equation Worksheet

Anki Decks from Khan Academy Psych/Soc Notes by /u/Danger_Z0nes
Biological Psychology Mnemonics
The Brain from Top to Bottom: interactive Site
ePsych Textbook
Expanded Psych/Soc AAMC Outline by MedSchool Tutors--GREAT resource!
Introductory Biological Psychology Tutorials
KA Psych/Soc Notes by /u/snowyrox
Khan Videos Organized into Foundational Concepts
MCAT 2015 Psychology Videos
MCAT Psych/Soc Topics Expanded by /u/ddesena
The Physiology of the Senses
Psychology: An Introduction (online textbook)
Quizlet Flashcards
Research Methods Knowledge Base on-line textbook
Sensory Receptors Overview (flowchart)
Simply Psychology
SparkNotes Psychology Study Guides
StatSoft Virtual Textbook
Overview of TPR Psych/Soc by /u/j053

Intro to Sociology for Health Science Students from Carter Center
Introduction to Sociology Lecture Notes from Del Mar College, East Carolina University, and Quinebaug Valley Community College
Introduction to Sociology WikiBook
Sociology Guide
SparkNotes Sociology Study Guides
MCAT 2015 Verbal Reasoning Test Review Course
MCAT Verbal Reasoning Video Series by Cambridge Learning Center
Preparation for MCAT Verbal Reasoning Book with practice passagesby Charlene Bramwell, M.Ed. And Ken Evans, M.Sc., M.D.
Professional Reading for Standardized Tests Free Software
Jack Westin Online Reading
What Issue of the Day Services are available?

*Please be aware all of these are free of charge, however they do send lots of marketing emails that you ought to just ignore.

What prep courses are available?
Altius MCAT Prep: Combined small group classroom Program along with 1:1 tutoring and Summer-Immersion
The Berkeley Review Classroom Course (CA Only)
Cambridge Learning Center: Intensive MCAT Verbal Course
ExamKrackers: Classroom, Extra Classroom, and Live Online
Gold Standard: Online Crash Course, Online University, Online CARS training, Home Study Course, and Home Platinum Suite
Jack Westin's CARS Strategy Course: Online Live Classroom, Live Online Office Hours, CARS Exams
Kaplan: Classroom On Site, Classroom Anywhere, Online On Demand, Private Tutoring, Summer Intensive, Online Foundations of Biochemistry and Behavioral Science
NextStep Tutoring: One-on-one MCAT Tutoring, Online Exams
The Princeton Review: Ultimate In-Person, Ultimate Online, Online Cram Pack, Online Self-Paced, Summer Immersion, Winter Bootcamp, Personal Tutoring, along with CARS Accelerator
Please note that these are unlikely to serve as sufficient preparation for the typical MCAT writer.

Finally, EK has a Live MCAT Hotline where you can ask questions on demand having an internet chat module with video. It's online 9-11pm EST, Sunday through Thursday. It's $500 for a 3 month subscription.

How do I know which company's materials to utilize or courses to take?
Since no one knows (yet) what the real exam is like, it's difficult to say. The present consensus is that it is best to use materials from a variety of test prep companies. However, below are some links to reviews written on present study aides to help direct you toward a set of novels which will work best for you personally.

Compilation of comment on the new examination from Reddit and SDN


ExamKrackers 2015 collection: SDN Commentary testimonials of this AAMC Official Guide, Barrons, Gold Standard, Kaplan, and TPR
Mcatforme testimonials of prep publications
Med School Tutors reviews of EK, Kaplan, and TPR books
NextStep's CARS book - SDN User Commentary
NextStep's Plagarism of AAMC Material - SDN User Commentary
NextStep Tutor's review of all present substances
Premeddit testimonials of MCAT resources MCAT Prep Courses

EK Course - SDN User Review
Kaplan 2015 Classroom Course Review by /u/zil2mz
Kaplan Courses: SDN User Commentary here, here, here, here, and here
My Altius MCAT Prep Experience MCAT Prep Courses
TPR Ultimate Classroom Course Review by /u/CaptainSpalding232
How do I know if I must self-study or take a prep course?
Things to take into account are your current background of mathematics courses, your degree of relaxation with all the science covered on your prereqs, how long you have before your exam, your relaxation with taking standardized exams, how much cash you need to spend, and if you want a little extra motivation/self-discipline. If you believe you can stay motivated by studying on your own and have a fantastic background understanding of these sciences covered on the MCAT, you'd probably be okay self-studying. Should you really feel as though you need an external source of discipline--and you need access to additional custom materials--you might consider taking a program. What's more, it might be handy to start off by taking a diagnostic to see where you now stand.

Also, think back to when you took the SAT: Can you really do fine on your own, or did you benefit from taking a prep course?

Okay, so I decided to self-study. How do I schedule out my time?
Here are some links to MCAT2015 research schedules:

Abbreviations: EK = ExamKrackers, GS = Gold Standard, KA = Khan Academy, KTP = Kaplan, NS = NextStep, TBR = The Berkeley Review, TPR = The Princeton Review

Notice: Before you begin any strategy, print out the official content list. Highlight every topic you understand one color. Highlight every subject you do not understand or are unsure of another colour. Ensure the research plan of your picking puts more focus on the subjects that you don't know over the ones you do know.

EK 9th Edition collection
AAMC Official Practice Test
AAMC Official Guide to the MCAT Exam - 120 Questions
Next Measure 100 Days to MCAT Success

EK 9th edition, complete set
TPR Psych Review
NS Biology/Biochemistry Content Review
KTP 528
NS Free Half-Length Diagnostic
AAMC Official Guide Online Questions and Official Practice Test
NS Total Length Exams
KA clinic passages, and supplement with KA videos.
12 Week MCAT 2015 Study Plan

EK 9th version, complete collection
NS CARS Inspection
NS Plan and Practice Passages
5 NS tests and diagnostic
8 TPR Exams
GS Tests (3)
Mcatjelly's 3 Month Study Plan: Option for EK or Kaplan as primary resource

EK 9th version, full collection
Kaplan, full collection
TBR 2012/2013 editions
TPR Psych/Socio review
KTP Advanced 528
KA Passages
3 TPR Exams
3 Kaplan FLs and Sectional Exams
3 EK examinations
AAMC Official Practice Guide 120 Questions -- performed as half length
AAMC Question Packs
100 Day Study Schedule - mix of mcatjelly's and SN2ed

SN2ed Full Set (sans TBR Verbal)
Kaplan, full set
NS Psychology and Sociology Practice Book
A Fastest Way to Conquer the new MCAT: A 101-Day MCAT Schedule

EK 9th edition Complete Study Package
Any combination of 14 full-length practice exams (I am using AAMC Official Sample Test, 5 Next Step Full Length Exams, and 8 Princeton Review Full Length Tests)
EK101 Verbal Reasoning Book
TPRH Verbal Workbook or the newest CARS Workbook if you have access to it
TBR Biology Book II (if You're weak in Biochemistry)
Official AAMC Sample Exam
Free NS Half-length Diagnostic Exam
NS Strategy and Practice Books Entire Set
AAMC Official Guide
TBR (optional)
TPR Psych/Socio for supplementation (Highly Recommended since it is a new section)
Official AAMC Question Packs (Highly Recommended)
Adaptation of Sn2ed's 4 month schedule using EK

BR (doesn't matter the year, I'm using them for further questions/passages)
Khan Academy
1001 EK Series + Khan questions + BR questions/passages
TPR Verbal and Science workbooks
4 TPR evaluations
Maybe some GS tests
AAMC Tests
2015 TPR set
4 online TPR exams
AAMC Sample Test
Non Conventional study route to the 90th-100th percentile - 50 times

EK 2015 books
KA videos
AAMC Q packs.
6 Month Study Schedule

TPR 2015 Books
BR collection
TPR Science Work Novel
NS and EK verbal novels
NS Strategy Books
KA Videos
AAMC Question Packs
AAMC Official Guide 120 Q's
FL Tests: NS, TPR, GS
Berkeley Review 120 Day Program

TBR book collection
KA Passages
Gold Standard 3 Month Study Program

*If you'd like help creating your own study plan, check out program makers by MCAT For Me and Cram Fighter.

See also: How to Self-Study for the MCAT by TBR and advice on how to design your own program by Gold Standard.

And this spreadsheet matches up Kaplan chapters, EK chapters, old TBR chapters, and Khan videos.

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