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MCAT Math Tutorial Video Series

The MCAT is a test testing your mathematics knowledge and critical reading skill.  Yet many of these science questions, particularly about chemistry and physics will ask that you work through calculations which possibly take a calculator.  However, you're not permitted to use a calculator on the MCAT.  As a consequence, that you have to find out how to perform complicated calculations using paper and pencil, or even better, on mind.This tutorial movie show will take you through a collection of mathematics skills, from learning theories to applying hints, shortcuts and tricks.  I have kept each video comparatively brief and urge that you work through these in sequence.

Video 1 – Introduction (must-see)


Video 2 – Trick for Multiplying and Dividing Units of 10


Video 3 – Factor Of 10 Shortcut (cont from vid 2)


Video 4 – Scientific Notation – Addition / Subtraction / Multiplication / Division


Video 5 – Squares and Square Roots


Video 6 – Fractions, Ratios, Percentages and Proportions


Video 7 – Trigonometry + Sin/Cos Value Trick


Video 8 – Logarithms and Negative Logs


Video 9 – Antilogs


Download Link for the MCAT Math Study Guide Cheat Sheet


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