The MCAT examination is one of the most grueling challenges an aspiring student will face before getting admitted into a professional medical institution. Over 85,000 students sit for this prestigious examination every year in the United States, Canada, and 15 other countries. 

If you will have already registered for the MCAT exam and you want to start preparations, you may want to know the best way you can study for the MCAT. 

This article will take you through tips on how best to study for the MCAT examination.

Best way to study for your MCAT

Study with friends:  Studying for MCAT most times isn't fun, to spice things up sometimes and also to make your study more fun and engaging, it is good to sometimes study with friends. 

Studying with your friends will surely make studying less isolating and certainly a more enjoyable experience for you. You can share knowledge and ask questions, this will surely make you get some knowledge you are not familiar with.

Engage in practice questions:  Doing practice questions is a very important part of your MCAT study process.

Taking practice questions is also important because MCAT doesn't just test your memorization skills, it also put to test your knowledge of scientific concept on an original scenario, and also your critical thinking skills with regards to newly introduced information. 

Focus on your accuracy:  Being fast in writing the MCAT is good, but being accurate is better. Use your practice questions to improve your accuracy. 

When you first start studying, don't time yourself just yet, do lots of practice passages untimed, try to improve your accuracy in answering questions. 

It is until you're accurate with your answers before you can focus on your speed. Someone who must do a task fast must first learn to do it well. 

Build stamina: The MCAT examination is one that requires a great deal of stamina, it lasts for 7 hours 15 minute.

To keep concentration under such stressful condition will require the exam taker to possess a great deal of stamina. 

Build your stamina by taking lots and lots of practice questions, and also take practice tests for long periods, till you can finally concentrate for a long time without losing strength and focus.

Use a good material for preparation:  Using good MCAT study resources will surely come in handy when you're studying to write your MCAT exam. There are lots of study resources that provide you with past questions for practice, and also give you answers and insights on how to answer questions. 

There are lots of MCAT study resources, like Kaplan, the Princeton review, EK, the Berkeley review, khan academy and lots more. But the best place to get past questions is still from the AAMC.

Construct a perfect study schedule:  Designing a well-planned study schedule that fits with your personal schedule will go a long way in determining how successful you will be in your MCAT examination.

Construct a schedule and always stick to your deadlines. There is so much you will need to study, so setting a schedule for yourself will help you keep in line with your studies, and anytime you are lagging behind, your schedules will indicate, so you can put in more time and effort.

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