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According to the recommendation of AAMC, an average pre-medical student should spend at least 300-350 hours studying in at least 3 months. Axilogy has students preparing at double this amount with less stress and better time management  Realistically not everyone can keep to this rule of studying, let's take, for example, when you realize your test is in a month time and you start preparing for it, you can't actually keep to this rule or finish up your preparation in a month. 

You can only achieve this if you have a solid reading foundation and knowledge and if you're able to devote enough study time to yourself per week. It can really be challenging but you can still earn yourself that maximum score you need if you follow up this week to week plan. 

Before you begin your preparations for MCAT test, here are some study requirements you will need to get together.

How to prepare for MCAT exam

Studying for your MCAT always looks very challenging when you begin, your questions and doubts will be endless, question that comes to mind will be

Which material will be best to use?

How should you set up your MCAT study schedule?

You always hear of "triaging" and wonder if it will be a good study tool for your MCAT.

Which resources will best prepare you for your MCAT examination?

Steps to follow for your MCAT examination prep

Relax:  Instead of overhauling your normal study plans that got you this far, for MCAT preparations, just stick to your regular study pattern and treat it like you're studying for your normal undergraduate examinations. 

But sticking to your normal study pattern doesn't mean you will stick to your normal habits, your habits need to be tweaked to accommodate some extra reading and prep, the most important thing is that you shouldn't be overwhelmed with the study schedules. 

If you can keep cool and have a clear head while preparing for your MCAT you will surely do well in the exam.

Stick to a well-planned study schedule:  A well-planned MCAT study schedule will determine your productivity with studies. 

Having a well-drawn out schedule for example questions, flash card drills, and a practice MCAT and sticking to your planned out schedule will surely turn a seemingly herculean task into something not too hard to handle. 

Triage:  One of the most crucial strategies for Kaplan's MCAT preparation is triaging. This simply means attempting the practice questions in the practice MCAT examination the best way that works for you. 

Maybe you want to the hard parts first before the simple one, or the other way round. There are lots of options if you're using this method, but it is a surefire way to acing your MCAT test. 

Choose your exam date and stick to it:  Most test takers always freak out few days to their test, making them cancel the date and rescheduling the MCAT test date. 

This is wrong, have self-confidence, when it gets to your scheduled date, don't cancel, walk into that hall and believe in yourself and what you studied, your confidence and preparations will surely make you pass your test with flying colors.

Repeat the process: It is well known that repetition brings perfection, if you repeat all these processes of study every day for a period of time before examination date, you will surely be prepared TL take on the MCAT test on d-day.

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