MCAT which is the short form for the Medical College Admission Test is the standardized test all prospective medical students in the United States, Canada, Australia and a whole lot of other countries must scale through to get into the medical college of their dreams. 

This is a test that has been part and parcel of medical schools in the United States admission processes for over 80 years now and counting. Before 2006 the examination has been paper-based, but after 2007 the examination has been computer-based.

Every year over 85,000 students sit for the test. Almost all medical schools in the United States and in Canada request for the MCAT as the basis for admission into the schools. 

The MCAT test is built in a way that it assesses your critical thinking, problem-solving, written analysis and also your knowledge of scientific principles and concept. This test was developed and designed by the American Association of Medical Colleges. 

The test result is valid for a period of 2-3 years if, after that time you haven't still gotten into medical school, you will have to take the test again, and it will be offered 25 times in 2017 between January and September. The eligibility criteria for writing the MCAT test is that you must be preparing to enter into a medical college. 

The newest version of the exam started in 2015 and takes 7hours 15 minutes to complete. The MCAT exam tests participants on the skills and knowledge that will be needed for success in medical school and as a medical practitioner.

Contents of MCAT test

The content of the MCAT test is divided into four sections

Chemical and physical foundations of biological systems.

Psychological, social and biological foundations of behavior.

Biological and biochemical foundations of living systems.

Critical analysis and reading skills

How important is the MCAT examination?

Passing the MCAT examination is one important step in your application process into a medical college, but it is not the deciding factor. It is one part of the total admission process into Medical College. Admission committees for these medical schools consider lots of things before giving admission to prospective candidates. The things also considered alongside your MCAT grades include the applicant's exposure to health care and medical research environments, personal experiences and interests, academic strength, GPA, maturity and drive to help people, and also the potential to contribute to the community. 

How the MCAT examinations are scored?

The MCAT exam consists of four sections, you will receive your grades differently for all the sections, and the total tallied grade, which are five results in total. Individual sections are scored using a 118-132 range, with the median score set at 125. The top score ranges from 472-528 with the total score centered at 500. 

How much does the MCAT cost? 

It costs $310 to register for the MCAT test and $365 for late registration. Also, there are additional fees charged for rescheduling tests and cancellation of tests. 

To register for the MCAT exam log into the AAMCs website and you will be directed through the registration process.

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