MCAT CEO is our 2 month daily program offered only in 2018 by our MCAT director who has over 3000 tutoring hours in the new MCAT alone. She has taken a leave from medical school to dedicate her time to MCAT students. She works daily with select students and has made more 99th and 90th+ percentile students than you could find in any MCAT tutor's resume. Due to high time demand we can only offer this program for the 2018-2019 season. Students often use this program after being unable to find score rises alone, with major company courses, and with tutors who claim to be successful. Remember, getting a high mcat score does not always mean it can be taught. Amareen teaches students to succeed in the MCAT naturally, calm, and to apply the same strategies to ace courses and medical school. She trains her students after for interviews and applications. See more here.


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Our MCAT and Premed products include the famous 24 hour MCAT Premedical Planner (launched 2015) and 100s of MCAT mcqs in areas where they are lacking (research, biochem). We offer a variety of items that can make prep comfortable and also follows the guidelines we recommend. Let us know what you think!

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